The Chemline Story

History of Chemline
In 1994 John Pantanella built a small laboratory in a rented warehouse on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. He had a day job as a sales rep for a local chemical distributor, but by night John spent his time formulating a small portfolio of polyurethane formulations. He was able to gain UL approvals for a few of his formulas, and in 1997 John founded Chemline.

This is a story of humble beginnings, of a young man hauling 5-gallon pail samples in the back of his Ford Taurus, knocking on doors to introduce himself and his new products. One of Chemline’s first customers was Highland Tank, a prominent steel storage tank manufacturer. To this day, Highland remains an important and valued Chemline partner.

John was (and still is) always on the lookout for the best talent he can find, adding to his team whenever he found the right person. His strategy was to find niche markets for Chemline’s specialty polyurea and polyurethane coatings, and he and his new team worked to develop products for those niches that were superior to existing products. Although these niche markets were individually small, Chemline quickly began to rack up numerous market segments, always with the goal to become the top provider within each segment.

Within 10 years, Chemline achieved $10MM in sales. Chemline has continued to grow, adding customers and revenue well beyond industry rates or expectations. After exceeding the $60MM sales mark, the company has its eye on $100MM in annual sales.

Chemline continues to grow rapidly and invest in the future. In 2015, Chemline expanded operations, adding 50,000 sq ft of manufacturing space to the existing 100,000 sq ft footprint. Five new isocyante prepolymer reactors have been installed, along with six new B-side blenders. Bulk storage capacity has been increased by 40% as well, essentially doubling Chemline’s capacity to manufacture. An additional four acres of adjacent property has been purchased, clearing the way for future expansion.

Chemline moves forward each day guided by a short list of Core Values. Key to the company’s success is a commitment to Service Excellence. Every employee works hard every day to make sure Chemline customers have what they need to be successful.