Chemline Beginnings

Chemline Beginnings

Chemline SprayerChemline, Inc was founded in 1997, and had its beginnings in the formulation and manufacturing of high performance polyurethane coatings for steel storage tanks.  In its earliest years, the company operated out of laboratory and warehouse space it rented from the Steelcote Manufacturing Company.  But now, the company has grown to occupy its own 140,000 sq ft facility, and along the way purchased the Steelcote Manufacturing Company, and still sells the Steelcote products as a part of the Chemline product line.

Chemline, Inc has become an industry leader in 100% solids, fast-set polyurethane and polyurea coatings and polymer systems.  Our spray applied products are utilized by manufacturers across the globe as protective coatings for steel, wood, concrete, foam and many other materials.

Chemline has been built by serving the customer – we find a way to deliver product solutions.

Chemline Today

Today, Chemline operates as one of the largest privately held manufacturers of 100% Fast-Set Polymer Technologies in North America.

Chemline provides industry with a full pallet of Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings for steel, wood, foam and concrete. Polyurethanes and Polyureas are formulated and provided for elastomeric cast polymers such as Joint Fillers and Mold Making products. And while the majority of sales are conducted in the United States, we have a significant and growing distribution presence in Canada, Europe and Asia.

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