From the perfect formulation to a flawless application, Chemline helps contractors succeed.

For more than 20 years, owners and contractors have trusted Chemline to deliver superior coatings and linings. We are 100% dedicated to helping our customers find the right product for their application and backing it up with industry-leading service.

Upfront collaboration is key
We take the time to listen and learn about your application from day one – from aspects of the substrate, to where it will be applied, to what the finished product needs to look like and withstand.

Expertise to create the formulation
Our in-house chemists can formulate the right system for your specific application. We can achieve the desired result for virtually any substrate – concrete, steel, wood, geotextile and more.

Service you won’t find anywhere else
Most coating problems happen during application. Our technical experts can train your people to prep and apply the product correctly at your site. Our job isn’t finished until you have the desired result.

Dedicated Graco equipment and technical services team
As a Top 20 Distributor for Graco spray equipment, we can deliver the equipment, replacement parts and training you need quickly.


Superior coatings. On-site service. Application expertise.
Consider a switch to Chemline today.

Ultra durable, fast-set polyurea and polyurethane coatings for controlling corrosion on direct-to-metal applications.

Fast-set, thick film protection for waterproofing and extending the life of concrete surfaces.

Fast-set, spray applied polyurethane hard coat to protect foam from impact, abrasion, temperature and discoloration.

Fast-set spray applied polyurea for protection from spills and leaks in secondary containment.

Fast-set wood coating dries instantly for immediate handling of products such as audio loudspeaker cabinets.

Contractor sprayed polyurea to a below-grade structure for concrete waterproofing.

Contractor sprayed an aliphatic, color-stable coating to a steel tank.

Contractor sprayed polyurea to geotextile to be used in a secondary containment application for petroleum storage.