Chemline 7850 – Unique Flexible Polyurethane Resin Replicates Tree Bark & More

St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc. is a leading provider of polyurethane and polyurea coatings and elastomers. CHEMLINE 7850 is used by fabricators around the world to replicate the texture and appearance of real tree bark and other highly textured surfaces. With this molding process, you can quickly create large sheets of artificial bark, brick

Chemline 7025 Offers Lasting Protection Against Rust and Corrosion for Trucks and Trailers

St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc., offers CHEMLINE 7025, a polyurea hybrid coating used to protect trucks and trailers against rust and corrosion due to weather, de-icing chemicals, and other adverse conditions. It provides an exceptional impact and abrasion-resistant barrier against scratches from gravel and dents from hauling animals or heavy equipment. CHEMLINE 7025 is

Chemline Offers High-Performing, Environmentally-Friendly Cold Cast Elastomers

St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc. manufactures cold cast urethane elastomers and foams formulated for a variety of applications, from soft gels and foams to very hard plastics. These systems can be applied at room temperature and do not require post-curation, making them fast and simple to produce. Chemline’s cold cast systems can be processed

Hot Cast Prepolymers from Chemline Deliver High Performance for the Toughest Applications

St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc. manufactures hot cast urethane prepolymers for use in the most rigorous applications where the highest performance is required. Processing these materials typically involves heated components and tooling, along with a hot post-cure to optimize properties. Custom formulations are available in a wide range of durometers – from 20 Shore

Chemline Launches Contractor Services

St. Louis, MO — Chemline, a manufacturer of polyurea/polyurethane protective coatings, announced a new dedicated sales team and web page specifically for contractors. The company has served primarily the OEM market for 20 years; adding contractor-focused services is in response to growing customer demand. Proprietary formulations and on-site service distinguish Chemline from other suppliers –

Chemline Premium Concrete Coatings Protect Structural Integrity and Reduce Down Time

St. Louis, MO — Chemline fast-set spray polyurea coatings protect concrete and precast concrete by preventing moisture migration from the surface into the substrate, where it can cause significant corrosion to the internal rebar and impact structural integrity. Chemline coatings also reduce costly down time on the plant floor by allowing for a quick return

Chemline Premium Wood Coatings Deliver Increased Productivity and Reduced Labor Costs for OEMs

St. Louis, MO — Chemline specially formulated wood coatings offer OEMs higher production levels and lower labor costs because they are fast cure – products can be handled in a matter of minutes instead of several hours – and require minimal staging/curing area, which saves costly floor space typically required for product production. Additionally, Chemline

Rigid Foam from Chemline Offers Excellent Performance – Without 245fa or Hazardous Blowing Agents

St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc. has developed a family of water-blown pour foams for the production of rigid cast parts.  As many blowing agents have come under increasing regulatory pressure, OEMs are looking for alternatives. Applications include rock and stone replication, architectural elements, building facades, signs, props, custom molded shapes, pour foam/spray foam, archery

100% Solids Premium Metal Coatings from Chemline Offer Superior Alternative to Paint and Other Coatings

St. Louis, MO — Chemline is a leading provider of polyurethane and polyurea coatings. Chemline coatings provide outstanding protection for aluminium, steel and galvanized metal – defending against corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical attacks in the harshest environments on Earth. Applications range from the protection of subsea cable, steel tanks (above and below ground), pipelines

100% Solids, Cast Elastomer Systems from Chemline Offer Superior Cure and Performance Without Mercury

St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc. offers highly effective, mercury-free cold cast elastomer systems for molds, rollers, liners and cast urethane parts. Since mercury catalysts have been rendered obsolete in the name of sustainability/environmental concerns, users of castable urethanes have had issues with the moisture sensitivity and physical property development of non-mercury formulations. Chemline cast