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  Industrial Polyurethane and Polyurea Coatings     Proudly Made in the USA

Polyurethane Coatings for Wood & Wood Enclosures

Chemthane 7030 and 1400 are Fast Set, elastomeric coatings that dramatically speed up OEM production when compared to acrylics, enamels, vinyl or carpet wrapping for surface protection. These coatings provide exceptional resistance to tearing, impact, moisture and abrasion.

The Rapid Cure of these two materials allow for quicker and safer handling and packaging once applied.

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Chemthane 7030

Protective Polyurethane Coating for Wood
and Audio Speakers

Physical Properties:
  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • 100% Solids/Zero VOCs
  • 68 Shore D Hardness
  • Tensile strength, > 3000psi
  • Elongation > 40%
  • Impact strength, 120 lbs
  • Abrasion resistance, 25 mg loss
  • Gel time, 8 seconds @ 77°F
  • Cure to touch, 40 seconds @ 77°F
  • Cure to handle, 120 seconds @ 77°F
  • Recoat window 30 minutes @ 77°F


Polyurethane wood coating

Chemthane 7030 is a unique rapid curing, polyurethane, elastomeric coating specifically formulated to be used as a protective coating for wood cabinets and audio speakers.

It provides excellent impact, scratch and mar resistance and strong adhesion to the wood surface. Chemthane 7030 is a complete monolithic membrane (seamless) that totally protects the wood surface against moisture penetration.

This product allows for a variety of surface textures but is generally finished with a “stipple-coat” to impart a fine, textured finish. This texture provides very uniform finish with great cosmetic appeal and long term durability.

Chemthane 7030 should be applied through a two-component, high-pressure proportioning unit. Material and hose heaters should be at 150°F. Air pressure should be a minimum of 2200psi.

In order to get a flat, UV resistant finish, apply Chemthane 1400 over the Chemthane 7030 as a topcoat.


Chemthane 1400

Aliphatic Water-Based Polyurethane Coating

Physical Properties:
  • 10:1 mix ratio (base:crosslinker)
  • 32-40% Solids
  • 78 Shore A Hardness
  • Tensile strength, > 3200psi
  • Elongation > 140%
  • Impact strength, Direct 90 lbs
  • Tear resistance, 450 pli
  • Cure to touch, 3-5 minutes @ 77°F
  • Cure to handle, 10 minutes @ 77°F
  • Ultimate cure, 7 days @ 77°F

Polyurethane wood coating

Chemthane 1400 is an aliphatic waterborne polyurethane coating that can be sprayed in a mold or used as a UV-stable topcoat.

This product will dry quickly which may help reduce production times and improve cost efficiencies.

The cured polymer produces an extremely tough and flexible surface with excellent color retention qualities.

Chemthane 1400 can be applied with a conventioanl pressure pot spray gun or airless spray equipment.

Please see technical data for mixing instructions.


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