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Core Values

Learn how Chemline can blend and ship your formulations
Polyurethane, Polyurea, and Cast Resin Coatings

Service Excellence –

  • Heart of a servant, willingness to serve others, desire to please.
  • Customer-centered, one who cares, consistent, driven to deliver positive experiences for others.
  • Anticipate needs and delivers before being asked, helpful.

Team Player –

  • Put needs of team before oneself.
  • Cooperative, willingness to assist co-workers, dependable.
  • Friendly, dedicated, flexible, works well with others.
  • Easy to deal with, interest in seeing team succeed

Hard Working –

  • Driven to deliver results.
  • Persistent, tireless, show up and make a difference.
  • People who like to work, people who have fun at work, committed, ability to get things done.

Accountable –

  • Take ownership and responsibility.
  • Deliver the results you promised by the deadline you committed to.

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