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Rock Climbing Holds - purple climing hold

Climbing Holds that Go the Distance

Chemline’s polyurethane materials offer the right balance of toughness, in-mold flow, and quick demold times for efficient and consistent manufacturing.

Protective Coatings for Emergency Vehicles

Protective Coatings for Emergency Vehicles

Chemline’s proven polyurea coatings protect metal surfaces on emergency vehicles from moisture exposure, abrasions, and impact.

Polyurethane for Generators

Polyurethane for Generators

Chemline polyurethane coatings extend the life of your generator, or other outdoor electrical equipment, by protecting against corrosion, harsh weather, and extreme temperatures.

Custom Formulated Urethane Rollers

Custom-Formulated Urethane Rollers

Polyurethane rollers outperform plastic, metal, and molded rubber in virtually every application because urethane can handle more pounds per square inch.

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