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Protective Coatings for Emergency Vehicles
Protective Coatings for Ambulances

Protective Coatings for Emergency Vehicles

Fire engines, ambulances, and police cruisers rack up miles and wear-and-tear quickly. Fire trucks are especially susceptible to corrosion with frequent exposure to water, soot, and chemicals. Chemline’s proven polyurea coatings protect metal surfaces in vehicles like these from moisture exposure, abrasions, and impact. Our coatings provide a continuous sealed surface for areas like fender crowns, cabinets, step rails, and standing surfaces.

Chrome also requires regular cleaning and polishing to keep it looking bright. Blacked-out vehicles can be sprayed clean with water and air-dried without leaving water spots for a professional appearance.

Polyurea coating benefits:

  • Water resistant
  • Dent and impact resistant
  • Reduces slipping on stepping surfaces
  • Reduces glare
  • Easier to clean

Get started protecting your vehicles inside and out.

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