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To our valued customers,

Events surrounding COVID-19 continue to unfold with astounding speed and the picture continues to change daily. We continue to gather information, think critically about all information sources and ensure that we are focusing on the big picture with the goal of serving our employees and our customers.  We commit to regular communication to notify you of ANY material changes that would affect your supply of Chemline materials.

We at Chemline would like to provide a brief update on what you can expect from us during the Coronavirus.

  1. Employees:  Our first step is to ensure the safety of our employees by taking all prudent steps.
  2. Supply of Your Products:  We are taking necessary steps to ensure that we have significant stock in place and the ability to provide you uninterrupted supply of your material.
  3. Production Commitment:  Although we cannot be sure of what the future holds in terms of specific governmental restrictions, we will work within the law to produce all requested material during this emergency. We have the flexibility in production and the space to distance our employees.  We will not shut down manufacturing and shipping unless forced to do so by governmental restrictions.

One of Chemline’s most important core values is service excellence.  For us, this is much more than our great customer service group.  It is about how we treat each other internally.  It is about making sure we are extremely reliable to our customers in every way.  During these challenging times, our message to you is that we will take the precautions to allow our employees to continue to safely support all your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

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