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Polyurethane and Polyurea Coatings that Protect & Endure

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St. Louis, MO – Chemline, Inc. manufactures cold cast urethane elastomers and foams formulated for a variety of applications, from soft gels and foams to very hard plastics. These systems can be applied at room temperature and do not require post-curation, making them fast and simple to produce. Chemline’s cold cast systems can be processed…

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St. Louis, MO — Chemline, a manufacturer of polyurea/polyurethane protective coatings, announced a new dedicated sales team and web page specifically for contractors. The company has served primarily the OEM market for 20 years; adding contractor-focused services is in response to growing customer demand. Proprietary formulations and on-site service distinguish Chemline from other suppliers –…

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St. Louis, MO — Chemline is a leading provider of polyurethane and polyurea coatings. Chemline coatings provide outstanding protection for aluminium, steel and galvanized metal – defending against corrosion, abrasion, impact and chemical attacks in the harshest environments on Earth. Applications range from the protection of subsea cable, steel tanks (above and below ground), pipelines…

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