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John Pantanella

Welcome to Chemline ​

“We’ve worked extremely hard since day one to maintain a high level of customer service, while professionalizing our operations to ensure quality and consistency.”

We do things differently here. First, we start every job with a full understanding of what our customers need. Because our sales folks understand the chemistry, they’re able to suggest solutions that provide better results than what customers have tried in the past. Then, we get to work on a formulation that meets 100% of the customer’s needs.

Unlike anyone else in our space, our chemists have a combined 1,000 years of experience, and we don’t restrict their creativity with a limited raw material pallet. Most of our competitors put efficiency first, carrying fewer raw materials to reduce costs.

At Chemline, we put results first. For example, we hold more than 600 different raw materials – it’s more expensive for us, but crucial to allowing our chemists to develop the most innovative and effective polymer solutions. We also make our own prepolymers (A-side), so our products are truly unique. Many require several stage revisions. This can be costly and take a little more time, but that’s how we provide exceptional value to our customers.

Chemline has come a long way since 1997, when I started the company in my garage and a good month meant shipping 10 drums of finished goods. Customer service came first then and it still does today. As we professionalized our operations to ensure quality and consistency, that dedication to customer satisfaction is what fuels me and my employees to provide the best solutions, customer service, and training options for your success.

If you have not done business with us yet, give us a chance to win your trust. We won’t let you down – you have my word on that.

— John Pantanella, CEO and Founder, Chemline, Inc.

Core Values​

Service Excellence​

  • Heart of a servant, willingness to serve others, desire to please.
  • Customer-centered, one who cares, consistent, driven to deliver positive experiences for others.
  • Anticipate needs and delivers before being asked, helpful.

Team Player​

  • Put needs of team before oneself.
  • Cooperative, willingness to assist co-workers, dependable.
  • Friendly, dedicated, flexible, works well with others.
  • Easy to deal with, interest in seeing team succeed

Hard Working​

  • Driven to deliver results.
  • Persistent, tireless, show up and make a difference.
  • People who like to work, people who have fun at work, committed, ability to get things done.


  • Take ownership and responsibility.
  • Deliver the results you promised by the deadline you committed to.
Our Story began 1997
1,000+ years of experience
10,000+ Customized solutions
ISO9001:2015 Certified
24/7 Technical Support
4 Locations Nationwide
john pantanella, CEO and Founder


At Chemline, we resolve every issue to your satisfaction — not ours."

- John Pantanella, CEO and Founder