Technical Support

What can we expect in terms of ongoing Technical Support with our Graco spray equipment?

Chemline’s Technical Services Team currently has 5 full time employees, each with many years of field experience, and with a diverse set of application experiences. This group is in place to provide technical service to our customer base, and the group is deployed every week throughout North America. This group is in place to assist users in the proper function and operation of the Graco spray equipment, to help fix broken equipment, to train, to troubleshoot, and to provide overall on-site application assistance.

What is your fee for on-site technical assistance, or for training at Chemline?

Chemline does not generally charge for training or technical assistance. For Chemline to succeed, our customers need to be able to process our products successfully, and we are there to make this happen.

What can we expect in terms of Product and Application Training?

Training conducted at Chemline is generally a 1½ day experience. A classroom experience is provided to give an understanding of the chemical nature of the polyurea and polyurethane products, explained in a manner a non-chemist will understand, and such that the participant will understand what is required to make the products work correctly, as well as the things that can make for problems. Training is tailored to the end application of the visitor. About half the training time is in a classroom environment, and the other half in our application development lab, where hands-on work is accomplished in a spray booth. Visitors learn to operate the Reactor spray equipment, and leave comfortable that they can operate and maintain the equipment, and that they know techniques to spray effectively. They also go home after they have established a great working relationship with our technical services staff, who are then a phone call away for consultation or a follow up visit, as required.

If I have difficulty with the proper application of your products, how can Chemline help me?

Simple or commonly occurring issues are often times handled over the phone. Significant issues, emergencies, and levels of training or consultation that require a personal visit are scheduled. It is not unusual for Chemline to deploy technical assistance same or next day.

What technical assistance can you provide in terms of material selections and substrate preparation?

In addition to our Technical Services team, our Technical Sales Representatives have a high level of understanding of the materials and applications. The two groups work together to select and/or design polyurea materials, to teach surface preparation, and to select proper primers and ancillary products to finish jobs successfully. We team up with engineers and operations contacts within our customers' companies to find effective solutions. We will develop new formulations when existing solutions are not the right solutions.

Personal Service

Will I have my own dedicated Technical Sales Representative and Customer Service Representative to serve me?

Yes. You will have personal service from expert staff that understands your requirements.

Will I have interaction with Chemline’s formulators and chemists?

Chemline formulators and chemists regularly visit with our accounts, especially whenever new formulations are required, but also when more complicated application issues arise.

What sorts of ancillary products does Chemline offer to support common applications?

Chemline has a full line of epoxy and urethane primers, acrylic and polyaspartic topcoats, aliphatic urethane and urea coatings, patch kits, and all manner of associated products that consumers need to successfully complete their projects.

Order Fulfillment

What are your typical lead times, and how do you handle a request for an expedited order?

All orders are shipped within one week of order, including full 80 drum shipments of made-to-order products.  Orders shipped from stock can leave the same or next day, and most custom blended orders are shipped within 3 days of order.

What styles of packaging are most commonly used for your products?

Most products are shipped in 55-gallon steel drums, or 275-gallon polyethylene totes.  Smaller containers are used for specialty products.

What are Chemline’s capabilities to manufacture? What are the common sizes for orders?

Most orders range in size from 1 drum kit (110 gallons total) to one full truckload of product, which is 80 drums (4400 gallons total).

Does Chemline have the capability to custom manufacture prepolymers internally?

Chemline manufactures its own prepolymers.  The ability to custom formulate and manufacture A-side chemistry is not universal among all polyurea and polyurethane systems providers, and this gives Chemline a distinct formulation advantage, and often times, a distinct cost advantage.

Can I buy your products outside of North America?

Currently we service and support only those companies located in North America.

Can I buy a gallon or two of your product?

We custom blend our products for volume applications.  The only time we would produce a small volume is for testing purposes.

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