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Chemline Fast Set Spray

Fast Set Sprays

Chemline’s FAST SET SPRAY SYSTEMS formulated as polyurea, polyurethane or hybrid coatings are environmentally friendly, quick to cure, easy to spray, tough and durable. Chemline offers systems specifically designed for application to steel, concrete, wood, foam, geotextile and in-mold applications.

Cold Cast Elastomer

Cold Cast Elastomers

Cold cast polyurethane elastomers and foams are used in a wide variety of applications from flexible polyurethane resin or foam to very hard plastics. These systems are formulated for application at room temperature and do not require heat for post-curation, making them simple and fast to produce. Both low- and high-pressure mixing equipment is suitable, and many products can be mixed by hand or machine. These elastomeric polyurethanes are typically used for concrete molds, architectural form liners, filtration units and more.

Hot Cast Prepolymers

Hot Cast Prepolymers

Hot Cast urethane prepolymers are used in the most rigorous applications where the highest performance is required. Processing of these polyurethane elastomers generally involves heated components and tooling along with a hot post-cure to optimize properties. In most cases, low to medium cost mixing equipment and tooling are adequate. Our Hot Cast polyurethanes are used extensively in mining, industrial tires, and metal manufacturing markets.

Castable Rigid Foam

Rigid Foam

Castable Rigid Foam Parts & Products

Polyurethane Rigid Foam products can be used can be spray applied, poured or injected into molds. With excellent insulation properties, they are often found in walls, roofing and covering tanks. Low density rigid foams are great for producing light weight durable molded products. In addition, variable de-mold times means optimized cycle rates for production.

Chemline Flexible Foam

Unique Flexible Foam

Custom Molded Specialty Foam Products

Polyurethane flexible foam systems can be specially formulated to feature reduced densities, tough outer skins, fire retardancy and high resiliency. Flexible foam products cover a variety of applications from seating and arm rests to archery targets.



Two-Part Polyurethane Resins

Our two-part polyurethane resins and equipment can be used for casting, doming, coating, encapsulating and potting numerous applications including domed decals, solar panels, encapsulation, composite construction and coating substrates. Our resins are automotive grade, clear, weather resistant and non-yellowing.

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