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Our Commitment to Community and Corporate Responsibility

At Chemline, our commitment to giving back is deeply embedded in our culture, and it's something we actively live out through our Chemline Cares initiative. This program is far more than a corporate pledge to donate a predetermined sum to charity; it's a hands-on, team-driven effort that embodies our collective spirit of generosity and community involvement.

Unlike traditional approaches where management might select charities for annual contributions, Chemline Cares operates through a democratic process much like an elected board. This group, composed of all roles in our organization, is responsible for identifying and collaborating with community organizations that align with our values and where we believe we can make a significant impact.

Each member of the Chemline Cares team champions a charity that is close to their heart, guiding and supporting the charity's needs through a dedicated partnership. They shepherd the donation process, ensuring that our contributions are meaningful and impactful. The amount we donate annually is determined by our unique profit sharing formula, reflecting our commitment to making a tangible difference in the communities we serve.

Through Chemline Cares, we do more than just write checks; we engage, we participate, and we work alongside the charities we support to foster a better world together.

Building a Better Tomorrow, Together
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Inclusive Participation

Chemline Cares is anchored by an internal committee, which is the backbone of our community outreach. The unique aspect of this committee is its inclusive nature – any employee within Chemline can join and contribute their ideas, energy, and time.

This approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives and allows every team member to play a role in our corporate social responsibility efforts.

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Partnership with St. Louis Community Foundation

We are immensely grateful to the St. Louis Community Foundation for being a steadfast Giving Partner. This collaboration has been instrumental in amplifying our efforts and reaching deeper into the community.

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Expansive Impact

Throughout our journey, Chemline's outreach has supported more than 20 non-profit organizations. Our contributions have been as diverse as the needs we aim to address.

Our multifaceted approach reflects our commitment to addressing a broad spectrum of community needs, recognizing that every aspect of society is interlinked and equally important.

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