Unique Flexible Foam

Unique Flexible Foam Collage

Unique Flexible Foam - Custom Molded Specialty Foam Products​

Polyurethane flexible foam systems can be specially formulated to feature reduced densities, tough outer skins, fire retardancy and high resiliency. Flexible foam products cover a variety of applications from seating and arm rests to archery targets.


  • Custom Moldings
  • High Resiliency Foam
  • Viscoelastic Foam
  • Archery Targets
  • Sporting Decoys

Formulation Characteristics

  • Wide range of density from 2-20 pcf (Pounds per Cubic Foot)
  • Varying degrees of hardness available
  • Highly resilient & flexible
  • Outstanding durability & performance

Excellent Ratings & Certifications

  • Can formulate to meet various UL, ASTM and CAL testing specifications

Environmentally Friendly

  • Safe, non-ozone blowing agents
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