Coatings for Galvanized Steel


Abrasion & Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Tubular Steel Structures​

Chemline's polyurethane coatings are specifically engineered to add corrosion and abrasion resistance to galvanized poles, tubular steel structures and other substrates. These high performance, two-component spray products are currently in the field of extending the service life of utility poles, cellular towers and wind turbines.

For embedded steel structures, Chemline 2266 (100% solids/Zero VOC) polyurethane coating is field-proven to be a barrier against corrosive environments.

For above grade structures, Chemline also offers durable self-priming, acrylic polyurethanes that offer rapid-cure. In applications where protection from abrasive winds, salt water spray and ice conditions is critical, Chemline 3107 is an ideal solution. This one coat, aliphatic polyurethane coating also retains it's aesthetic even under constant exposure to sunlight and harsh conditions.

When it comes to protecting tubular steel structures from abrasion and corrosion, no one has a better reputation for quality and product performance than Chemline.

Chemline 2266 adds a tough layer of protection to dramatically extend the service life of steel structures.

Galvanized Steel Collage
Chemline Series Products

Direct to Metal Application

  • Primers are generally not required with applications to prepared galvanized or steel substrates.

100% Solids Technology

  • Chemline 2266 contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), styrene or coal tar.

Single Coat

  • Chemline 2266 is applied in a single coat, multi-pass application to create unlimited film builds.

Highly Scratch Resistant

  • This product forms a durable polymer film that resists scratches from rough soil during installation.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

  • Chemline 2266 provides exceptional chemical resistance to a wide range of aggressive soils, salts and other chemicals.

Acrylic Polyurethanes

  • For airless applications, Chemline 3107 and 3300 provides easy application and very high solids content.

Two & Three Coat Aliphatic Systems

  • Two coat system uses epoxy primer & aliphatic top coat. Three coat system uses moisture-cure polyurethane zinc primer, epoxy intermediate coat and an aliphatic polyurethane top coat.
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