Our History


Chemline was founded

in a garage in 1997 by John Pantanella. Three years before founding the company, he worked in the industry and gained the knowledge and experience needed while working nights and weekends on his own formulas that would eventually be Chemline’s first products. In the early days of the company, Chemline rented lab, office and warehouse space and shared a few key staff members with another coating manufacturer.

While this company answered phones and handled logistics, John focused on selling and technically supporting the products. After 8 months, a steel tank manufacturer gave Chemline its first order, and word began to spread about the performance of Chemline products and exceptional service.

Steelcote Manufacturing Facility. Image from Wikipedia. No copyright infringement intended.
Chemline Industry Chemists and Technical Experts.

With the help of a consulting firm,

Chemline took the necessary steps to help with the burst in growth by hiring talented chemists and technical experts from the industry (all of which are still with us today). By adding key personnel, Chemline was positioned to grow again and over the next 7 years, producing $12M in revenue.


The decision was made

to purchase a building located in St Louis, MO and Chemline began manufacturing its own product in 2004. After attracting a few industry pros, Chemline began to grow again and made several successful acquisitions. In 2010 sales hit $17 M and Chemline was on a roll!

We purchased more buildings, more equipment and one more business – TA Davies. TA Davies gave Chemline a footprint on the west coast and our message resonated with consumers. The California business grew from $1.5M to $10M in revenue in 4 years, and by 2015, Chemline had grown to $50M in revenue.

TA Davies (TADCO), 2016.
Chemline Team Photo
Chemline current. Image from Google. No copyright infringement intended.

Today, we continue to build the company

and we are committed to keeping our eye on serving our customers while creating a professionalized family business. Chemline now has approximately 100 employees between our four facilities; St. Louis, MO, Texas, Arizona and our latest addition in Allentown, PA. Our St. Louis location acts as our headquarters and occupies a 250,000 sq. ft. space where the most up to date chemical processing technology enables Chemline to quickly produce a wide range of polyurethane resins. With an ever-expanding facility, Chemline has scaled to become one of the largest privately held polyurethane systems of specialty elastomers and coatings.

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Chemline continues to grow profitably with a strong focus on customer service and consistency.


Opens facility in Texas.


Celebrates 25th Anniversary and opens facility in Arizona.


Chemline expands operations by acquiring Industrial Polymers and Development Associates.


Professional business executives hired to supplement industry experts to ensure consistency and professionalism with continued growth.


TA Davies acquired on West Coast. Davies facility expanded with heavy investment in equipment.


Sales double again and more industry experts are hired to support growth. STL facility expanded to double in size with heavy investment made in processing equipment.


Chemline acquires Gatorhyde Protective Coatings. Manufacturing brought to STL location. Sales double.


Management team hired. Chemline introduces department heads and functional groups.


Revenue increases by 4x. Staff of industry experts grows.


Chemline makes first acquisition of Steelcote Manufacturing Co.


Chemline purchases building on Natural Bridge in STL, MO and begins manufacturing.


Sales approaching $3M. Chemline hires first technical experts from a recently sold company, Futura Coatings.


John founded Chemline, Inc. Contract manufacturing done by The Dennis Co. and Kempen Paint Co. Head office was located in the Steelcote manufacturing facility.


John Pantanella started career in polyurethane industry.

john pantanella, CEO and Founder


No one will out-formulate us, no one will produce quality product faster, and no one will cradle and serve the customer like Chemline!"

- John Pantanella, CEO and Founder