Elastomeric Roofing Systems


Polyurethane and Polyurea Coatings For a Durable, Seamless, Leak Proof Roof​

Chemline is the world leoder in formulating and manufacturing tough, corrosion resistant elostomeric coatings used for the protection of all types metal, foam, concrete and built up (BUR) substrates. Since we develop our own polymers, we've been able to produce products that meet the demands for energy efficiency, weather resistance and lightweight roofing systems.

We offer roofing systems with standard and fast cure times. This allows us to offer products to meet the specific installation needs of applicators as well as the budget concerns of building owners.

Chemline offers 1OO% solids (No solvents) polyurethanes and hybrid polyureas that cure in just minutes ofter application. The unique feature of these products allow foster installation, quicker cure times and long term "leak-proof" performance.

For those roofing applications requiring a traditional application method, Chemline offers a 1:1 batch mix roll, brush or airless spray applied polyurethane coating. This product adds a tough, flexible, seamless membrane to aged, inefficient roofs.

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Chemthane Series Products

Seemless Roofing Systems

  • Chemthane coating systems encapsulate the roof surface with elastomeric, weather resistant barrier.

Extremely Resilient & Flexible

  • Chemthane roof coatings offer a range of elogantion from 200 - 350%. Plus, they offer very high tensile strength and tear resistance.

Performs in Extreme Environments

  • These products provide exceptional performance in climate conditions ranging from -50F (-45C) up to 200F (93C).

Ultra Lightweight

  • When compared to other popular roofing products, Chemthane coatings add little of any additional weight to a build-up roof.

Excellent Water Resistance

  • Chemline's roofing products posses very low perm factors ranging from 0.32 - 0.9 perms.

Easy to Install

  • Spray coatings eliminate problems associated with conventional sheet good roofing. No mechanical fastening devices to fail.

Primers & Foams

  • Chemline offers primers and 1.0 - 2.0 lb. spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation products.
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